5 Top Destinations to Visit This Year

1. Botswana1. Botswana

I must say this country is an underrated but there is a whole variety of scenes, culture, and wildlife that people have to discover here. There are national parks which are home to the remaining wilderness of the world. It’s a trip for the whole family, honeymoon goers, and adventure seekers. It is absolutely one of the unique choices for yours. For those who want to go on a budget trip, you can check out Moremi Gorge and Tsabong Camel Park and for those who are willing to splurge some bills, you can try their suburban car parking based party clubs!

2. Uruguay

Uruguay may not be the most popular but it is surely still one of the. Sandwiched between two equally great countries, Argentina, and Brazil, Uruguay stands out mostly because of its people hospitable and peace-loving. The safe and quiet Uruguay boasts of pristine beaches blended with fun nightlife like Punta del Este. The Switzerland of America also is the home of Colonia del Sacramento – a UNESCO heritage site you would

Tips To Prepare Your Body For The K2 Adventure

adWhether you are planning a trek to K2 base camp or want to put your mountaineering passion to the test by attempting to climb the second highest mountain on earth, you’ll have to prepare yourself to fight against all odds of nature. Climbing the highest mountain in Pakistan or trekking to its base camp is not the novice adventurer’s task.

As you ascend to the base camp of the 8,611m mountain in the Karakorum mountain range of Pakistan, the air becomes thinner, oxygen becomes less available and breathing becomes hard. Also notorious as the savage mountain that tries to kill you, K2 poses serious risks to both the trekker and the veteran mountaineer; however, the risks for the passionate mountain climber augments as he or she ascends the mountain.

Height sickness, acute mountain syndrome and pulmonic edema are the common health risks associated with almost all types of adventure to this mountain, but as common sense would suggest, these risks are higher for climbers who aim to summit K2 than adventure lovers who’d simple want to trek to the savage

Choosing a Ski Vacation Destination

ccChoosing a ski vacation destination can be tricky and daunting. A quick search on the internet for top ski destinations alone can give you headaches. And worse, your desire to get better advice on where to go and how to choose a place that meets you and your family’s need can actually make you even more confused. Of course, there are just plenty of vacation spots out there and each of these seems to promise nothing but the best. Nonetheless, here are tips that are already proven to help ski enthusiasts find the best ski destination that fits their experience level.

Take time to review various ski destinations. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in the sport, make it a point to check statistics of ski resorts you are interested to visit. Your targeted ski vacation destination should be able to give accurate and reliable information on the current situation of the resort and its surrounding area, the base snow, as well as percentage trails for different levels of skiers. A good ski resort should also offer

Here Is How to Avoid Gaining Weight

Holidays are different from usual days when you are not so conscious about your health and diet. A study which weighed up the habits of the travelers reveals that people are careless about their regular food habits while they are on vacation or traveling. Seems legit!

People usually go on holidays to take a break from their everyday life which is jam-packed with a lot of stress and worries. So, when they are taking a break, why would anyone worry about what they are having in their plate?

But, noticing that you have put on some weight after vacation is something that you would definitely never want. If so, here are a few tips to follow to avoid gaining weight when out on a holiday –

Have meals in small portions: When you travel, your entire body system travels. You walk a lot, your brain thinks and runs more than it typically does, and as a result, you feel butterflies in your stomach, repeatedly. And, when you are hungry, even the slightest aroma can stimulate the hungry, ravenous creature inside. This is when you tend to eat more than your capacity. When on flight,

Five Reasons to Hire a Travel Agent

Planning a trip usually starts with a search of online options. However, you do not always get the best deal. In fact, if you contact a travel agent, you may be surprised at what he or she can do to make your vacation more enjoyable and more affordable. If you are still not sure, here are five good reasons you should make the call.

These Professionals Have Connections

Of course, when you go online you may think that you are getting the best deal because this site or that one collaborates with the different hotels and airlines to be able to offer a great price. That is not necessarily the case. Travel agencies actually team up with resorts, airlines, and hotels to get the best deals for their clients. These relationships are cultivated over many years.

Experience Adds Fun to Your Trip

A seasoned travel agent knows where the best spots are because he or she has taken the time to find out. While cultivating their connections, these professionals visit the locations and know first-hand where the best spots are. They also have tips on how to avoid busy lines in popular museums or

Vacation Travel and Pregnancy

My daughter is very excited about her planning a getaway with her husband just a month before she is ready to deliver her baby. She is thinking out of the box for places to go that also include an airplane ride. I am also in her plan, for my husband and I would be the babysitter for their 3 boys and their dog.

She told her husband about it and he seemed excited, too. Unfortunately her doctor was not. Delivery time is too close and destination to far away. She has to settle for a shorter distance getaway to relax and spent some quality time with her husband.

I am interested in the plan she is thinking about and what place she will choose to venture to next month. I am also interested in the things they are planning to do together, just the two of them without the boys.

The Mall of America in Minneapolis, Mn is one of her choices. The Mall of America is our nation’s largest shopping center. One can go there and never do everything in one day. There is over 520 stores. There are about 50 restaurants so

Three Tips for Finding Vacation Deals

Everybody loves to take a break from their regular life and get out of town. Whether you work, are in school, or are simply stuck in a rut, a trip is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and lower the level of stress in your life. One of the obstacles that many people face is that travel can be expensive. You have to pay for flights, eating out, and hotel stays. One of the best ways to keep these costs down is to find vacation deals. Here are four tips to find bargains on your next getaway.

Pick Your Times

Getting good prices on hotels and flights is all about timing. While most people know that booking a plane ticket far in advance can save you money, flying on specific days can as well. For many airlines, flights during the week will be cheaper than during the weekend. Likewise, many resorts increase their rates for Friday and Saturday nights. If your destination is popular due to the climate, such as a beach or a ski resort, consider reserving a room during the off-season. Many establishments offer significantly reduced rates during the slow times. In

Longmont Is the Place to Be

Why Longmont is the place to live!

You have probably heard it all. I even heard it in a recent town-council meeting in Longmont. Longmont is the new Louisville? Boulder north-east? Longmont is where all the people who can’t afford Boulder live?

I dislike all of these phrases. Why? Because, really Longmont is the new Longmont. Longmont is not the cow-town of yesteryear (but, it still has some of those roots). Main street is thriving with a large number of unique places to eat, see live comedy, attend a theater production, or grab a brew.

Longmont has a thriving artist community supported by the Left-Hand Artists Guild which organizes and promotes events mostly through social media. However, it is pretty common place to see their handwork through town. Left-Hand Brewery has sponsored art shows in their facilities and La Vita Bella occasionally hosts the comedy performances from members of the guild. Not to mention, the art galleries in town are not pretentious and feature some pretty amazing art (yes a town this size, even with the proximity to the cultural hub of Boulder, has art galleries-PLURAL).

Anyone who has hung out in western

Get a Taste of the Much Talked About Nightlife of Pune

Pune, the social bastion of Maharashtra, is also known for its compositional wonders and beautiful milieu. The city of Pune is a living society, where solid ethnic roots join with cleaned advanced viewpoint. Aside from its social and hey tech magnificence, Pune brags of a throbbing nightlife, which is specked with evergreen cosmopolitan society and lively shades of the style world. The varied impact of moderate and contemporary society is obviously reflected in the nightlife of the city. Although its nightlife still cannot be matched up with the likes of Delhi, Goa and Mumbai, it easily beats other top cities like Chennai. To experience it here, keep a tab on the flights from Chennai to Pune rates and choose your perfect time of visit depending on that. There is not particular peak season or happening season with regard to nightlife in Chennai.

Being the venue for a portion of the national and globally prestigious nightlife destinations, the city’s energetic evenings are loaded with late night parties and live exhibitions. With wide number of discotheques, bars and pubs, the nightlife in Pune drags guests with its energizing music, rich sustenance, activity stuffed move floors and fascinating beverages.

The Best Way to Visit the Vatican

The Vatican Museums – three words which spark cries of enthusiasm and squeals of delight from Romans and tourists alike. The Vatican Museums, in a nutshell, are a haven of the most pristine and divine collections of artwork and religious artifacts in the world. Founded by Pope Julius II in the early 16th century and developed by successive pontiffs, you are in for a real treat here.

Take in all the history and culture, but the one piece of advice we give you is to plan ahead. Here is our guide to “The Best Ways to Visit the Vatican”, because believe us you won’t want to miss out and not do it justice.

When to Go

Set your alarm because the Vatican Museums don’t wait for anyone. It’s get up and go if you want to beat the crowds, whether you’re taking a guided tour or planning on exploring yourself. The lines start winding around the block before 8am, so you should plan to be in line by 7:30am-7:45am to make sure you’re one of the first members of the general public to get in when the museums open at 9am.

Top 5 Exhilarating Adventures to Try Out in and Around Pune

An adventureless life can be so boring, that it rusts your mind and locks your heart, crippling it with the ability to explore and wander. There are many brave hearts, who can not live without engaging themselves in some adventure sports. For such daredevils, there is a perfect place, Pune. Who knew this city of Maharashtra can be so much soaked with adventure activities! Want to explore more about this city? Go through this article, and bask yourself in the fun side of Pune.

This is the list of all that you can do in Pune.

  1. Paintball: Go defeating the opponents by shooting them with paintballs, and ducking and sneaking behind the walls to protect yourself. This is really a sun filled adventure sport and perfect to have an amazing excursion with friends. It is also famous among the corporate hangouts. Try this at Mariplex Mall P.A.I.N.T. Paintball zone in Kalyani Nagar.
  2. Paragliding: enthrall yourself gliding in the sky like a bird, embracing the azure of the vast sky and having a breathtaking glimpse of the nature. The picturesque beauty of the cliffs and the greenery below is truly mesmerizing. You can enjoy this adventure 45 km

Advantages of a Destination Guide

These days many people consider traveling to be a great relaxation, people around the world nowadays are longing and planning to experience the best destinations around the world and these days people are starting to explore a lot more new and exotic destinations around the world. If you want more information with regards to the best destination tips or guide, then you have the right article in front of you now. This article is especially made to give people lot of information about many places on earth and these destinations have unique features which make people eager to visit these places. But how would you know that a specific destination is the best one? Well, very simple, if that destination is visited by many people around the world year round then it must really be the best destination. But always bear in mind that it is very vital for you to have some research regarding the destination you are planning to visit, mainly because you don’t want to miss out anything.

In the past, a lot of people choose their travel destination only by the ideas and suggestions by people around them, but these days people

Affordable Travel Destination Tips

Your first stop should be at your local travel agent. Ask about special packages to specific destinations that don’t cost an arm and a leg to get to and see the sights. This opens the door to what is sometimes called ‘adventure’ travel. Ever been to the Galapagos Islands? This is an affordable vacation destination, as many travelers are now hearing. Costa Rica, a U.S. territory, is another popular and affordable travel destination. You have no exchange rate to worry about and by going to some of the more out of the way beach locations, you get a better flavor of the culture, enjoying pristine beaches that aren’t overrun with other tourists and at a very attractive price. Give your travel agent the parameters of what you’d like to get out of your vacation, as well as how much you can spend. He or she is going to work very hard to find an affordable travel package that satisfies your objectives and budget.

Do some research on the net, too. Scope out travel destinations you find appealing and try to get a baseline on cost of accommodations. Consider alternative accommodations, such as youth hostels, convents and monasteries

Top 4 Scandinavian Summer Travel Destinations

In Northern Scandinavia, you won’t see a sunset from May 18th to July 27th, literally six weeks of daylight to enjoy everything this beautiful region has to offer! With 24 hours of daylight, there is still no way to get to everywhere you want! We can try though, so here are just 4 of the many things to try this summer on your trip into the Nordic countries! The people are beautiful and friendly, the scenery spectacular and the food, well you will learn to love fish if you don’t already!

1. Go Whale Watching

The rugged northern coast of Norway offers many opportunities to see the most amazing animals on earth in their natural habitat. Arctic Whale Tours, based out of Sto, Norway offers tours to see Orcas, Grey Whales and Humpbacks as well as lots of other types of wilidlife. If you’re worried that you will just be staring out at open ocean, they also have a Whale Guarantee so you will be seeing these incredible animals no matter what!

2. Gorge yourself on Fjords!

Horrific pun I know, but don’t let that put you off visiting the most breathtaking scenery

Going on a Trip on an RV Here Are 5 Pre Travel Tips for You to Follow

Most people these days are over enthusiastic about an adventure backpacking and why won’t they be? After all, these days’ people hardly can enjoy an extended vacation due to extreme work pressure. So the prospect of a hiking trip seems extremely appealing to most people. As appealing as it might sound, going hiking is not everyone’s cup of tea.

A good alternative to hiking which is well within everyone’s reach is travelling in an RV. Both are similar in the sense that you can choose your travel destination and go wherever you please with complete independence. But in addition to freedom, you can travel luxuriously in an RV. But like any other travel medium, careful planning is the key.

Here are a few pre-travel tips for you to follow in case you are using an RV:

Choose your destination: It’s true that in an RV, you can go places as you please and not that much meticulous planning is required. But still, you need to have the basic idea of where you want to go. The internet is the best place to do some research and find out about all the interesting places you want to visit.

Pardon the Pixie Dust While Visiting Universal’s Islands of Adventure Park

As you may know by now, Universal Studios in Orlando has a sister park called Islands of Adventure. It sits about 100 yards away from Universal Studios and is the home of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As you know, all theme parks need a little down time to get things fixed and a new coat of paint. This is exactly what’s happening at Islands of Adventure at the moment. Not to be alarmed, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is up and running! They would be out of their minds if they closed this down, but not to worry Harry Potter fans, all is well in the wizard world.

The biggest closure has to be the Hulk Roller Coaster. This was dismantled and removed for refurbishment and is set to be back terrifying travelers by the first part of Spring. This was a huge letdown for me last weekend as this is my favourite ride in Islands of Adventure! I try to start my day on this adrenaline inducing ride as it will set my energy level for the remainder of the day. Dr. Doom’s was still dropping guests and The Amazing Adventures of

Creepy Haunted Houses in Maine Make Your Blood Run Cold

Has someone ever seen the “White Lady” at Brownsville Road? A drive on the ‘Green Bridge’, Maine rakes up an icky feeling. You cannot help standing a quiver with bated breath while you’re driving to one of the creepiest haunted houses in Maine.

You need to have a fairy’s heart to go for a “haunt tour in Maine”.

She’s (Maine) serene, wild, and she deserves to be gawked at for her mystical beauty. Apart from getting gobsmacked by Screw Auger Falls, in the name of Merlin you’ll be shaken like a leaf to find her locks crowned with spooky haunted houses all over.

Geeze, you can’t stand even the façade of John J. Brown house!!

Stepping out of the car, eek, you cannot help having jitters facing its façade.

Towering high to the east of Western Cemetery, John J. Brown house in Portland doesn’t even call for a tour to make someone tongue-tied.

Neo-Gothic style keeps its brooding charm alive for ages.

Zounds! The Gothic House, as it’s popularly known in the neighborhood, its façade is just a tip of the dungheap.

There’s something fishy about the Gothic mansion dating

Why It Might Be A Smart Option To Have A Service Take You From The Airport To Your Ski Resort

Many people enjoy skiing. In fact, skiing could be one of the only things that people like about winter. Since not everyone lives somewhere with snow, the people who want to go skiing may have to take a journey to a ski resort.

Since you may not want to spend every part of your vacation skiing, most places like this have things to do extending past skiing such as movies, shops, and hotels.

Since we know why people like to go skiing, let’s mention something that people might do to make their trip even more exciting. There is an option that is available for anyone going to a ski location for someone else to drive you to the slopes. The most obvious use for this is for people who are flying to an airport that want to have someone drive them to the resort. Consider the way you would usually do it. First you have to rent a car. Then you have to check a map to see how you are going to go. Then you have to drive yourself there. When you have a service do all of this for you, you have to show up at the airport, and

Consider Skiing for Adventure and Relaxation

Now is the time to secure cheap holiday deals for 2015. Whether you ski or not, ski resorts offer an amazing escape from reality that’s perfect for the athlete or those who want to enjoy luxurious accommodations with a snowy, romantic atmosphere.

Powdery and challenging slopes wait at the world’s top skiing destinations, and holidays that will take travellers there come in a variety of budgets. They can secure anything from a quaint chalet to a grand resort and all for amazing prices. Without breaking a budget, savvy holiday seekers can book just what they desire this time of year.

There are many choice destinations. Amongst them are the Swiss Alps in France, Bulgaria, Greece, Scandinavia and Scotland are the most popular in Europe. In North America Canada and the U.S. both have plenty of popular ski resorts. Austria and New Zealand are also prime choices for skiing holidays. Once the travelling group has narrowed it down to a destination they can book it as a cheap holiday deal and be on their way.

Top Skiing Destinations in Europe

France – Believe it or not, cheap holiday deals can be found in France.Courcheval

Guide to Selecting the Perfect Ski Lodge

Planning a ski vacation for your family can be stressful enough – but having to find a last- minute ski lodge can be downright scary. Thankfully, there are some great tips and suggestions for mothers who need to book accommodations within a certain time period. One of the biggest decisions to make when planning a ski trip is choosing the lodge. Take a look at the following for some helpful tips when selecting a place to stay:

The location matters!

When booking a hotel with children, the location of the hotel should be family friendly. In other words, choosing a luxurious, top-of-the-line resort town may be fabulous for a romantic getaway, but it can be quite limiting when it comes to its offerings of day activities for children. Take a look at the surrounding town and do a quick online search of friendly tourist opportunities for families. You will be surprised by what some places offer.

Ski lodges that are close to the ski slopes can be a big help for families with children. Look for transportation options if the mountains are further from the hotel. Consider possible day trips as well, as it